Acoustic generator AGs


Acoustic generator AGs for mobile devices.


Acoustic white noise generator AGs ensures protection against eavesdropping by using a mobile device. An alternative to this generator — turning the mobile devices off.

What is it used for: during important meetings the participants put their mobile phones or other devices into this acoustic generator to protect their privacy without leaving their devices unattended.

How to use this device: in the room (at home or office), the mobile device is placed into the acoustic generator. The generator does not affect the normal operation of the device — the device is within mobile coverage, it is possible to answer a call, receive text messages, or call immediately after removal from the generator. When you place the device into the generator, turn on the generator. Operation of the acoustic generator is indicated by a flashing green LED indicator.

Generator’s operating principle: it generates a white noise sound to a mobile device’s microphone. The main feature of White Noise — an equal noise level in the entire audio section, so this noise cannot be filtered. The noise is generated in a short distance from the microphone, so it affects mobile device’s sound amplifying circuit — microphone’s sensitivity is reduced. The effect of these two factors is as follows: due to reduced microphone sensitivity, the mobile device cannot broadcast or record conversations taking place in the room. Instead of the speech audible hissing sounds are heard, which cannot be removed using audio filtering equipment.

Power supply: internal lithium polymer (LiPo) battery. Battery life — about two weeks by using it 8 hours a day. Charging time — about 5 hours. (Battery can be charged while the generator is used as it does not affect the performance of the device).

Indication: Red LED (charging indicator) — On: battery is charging; Off: battery is charged; green LED (operating indicator) — blinking: the generator is switched on; off: the device is turned off or the battery is empty.

Dimensions of the product: Outside: width – 17 cm; length – 14 cm; height – 8,5 cm; Inside: width – 15,5 cm, length – 12 cm, height circa 5 cm.

Packing list: AGs, brief instructions, mains charger.